"Atelier Faggi" is a project born from a passion shared by two sisters for fashion, design and craftsmanship, which became concrete in February 2011 with the registration of the fashion and design trademark called "à propos de... ".


Born in Belgium and returned to the fatherland once adult. Elena became Doctor in Business Administration and Alessia Architect specialized in sustainable architecture. However they decided to fuse their knowledge and passion to realize this creative dream...



Our creations are inspired by what we see around us in everyday life. Our double culture leads us to a continue research where customs, traditions and styles from Northern and Southern Europe, sometimes in contrast, meet.

We like to experiment different combinations of fabrics, materials and colours, and we like to search for original design fabrics in various markets in Italy, Belgium, France and Holland. We are constantly looking for functionality and originality in every project. We are fully convinced that everything can come back to new life and therefore in some projects we use scraps and industrial remainders, material supplied by ReMida Bologna_Terre d’Acqua. The use of appliques are perfect to recycle even the smallest remainders of fabric, and allow us to fully customize our creations and give a cheerful touch of colour to a basic fabric.


All our products are 100% handmade in our "workshop", and that’s what makes them unique.


Elena & Alessia.